Discover Dreamland’s Musical Gift

“Jesse Jhon Andrews is a well renowned master of sound (both ancient and modern), and commands the presence of true showmanship in each of his performances. He is undeniably a true prodigy of orchestrational/musical Compositions. His knowledge and understanding of sound, the esoteric science of sound, and how its applicational process and methods are used, and can be used, surpasses many professional musicians whom aspire to be: of, from, and/or associated with similar schools, and/or educational sources -of training- in such related fields. Jesse Jhon Andrews has an ability unlike any other, to flawlessly capture the essence of each individual person in a composition that he masterfully Creates,Writes, and Records for that person, based upon specific Otherworldly Formulas that enables him to capture within the Notational Structure of His musical Compositions: the complete resonations and frequencies of each person’s whole and unique cosmological design: by/from the whole of that person.

“From the movements of energy controlled by Sound, to the movements of measure controlled by the temperament of tempo, Jesse Jhon Andrews Formulates an undeniably remarkable collection of Songs that are as spiritually, mentally, and emotionally intense: as they are psychologically soothing, yet captivatingly gripping.”